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Muscat Polymers - A Fun Place to Work

MPPL's employees Love what they do, this is one the most important beliefs that makes Our Work Place the Fun Place! Our employees work with full determination in achieving in what they believe MPPL's purpose as their purpose, target of delivering, The Right FIBC's & The Right PP Woven Sacks in most cost-effective manner and in time to increase their productivity.

MPPL carries on fun activities every month, which motivates and boost the morale of the team and the employees, enhances the co-ordination & bonding amongst all.

Few of the fun activities that MPPL's perform are monthly and also on certain occasions. Below are few of the lists of activities that MPPL's organize for its employees and team:

MPPL Sports day:

Every year company organizes the sports day at that includes the indoor and the outdoor sports.  This involves a participation of almost all the employees at each level of company's organization. By organizing such programme in and outside of the work environment, we are able to build the spirit of camaraderie among out co-workers. The employees are given special gifts for their participation in the sports day event and are given the recognition in front of the whole staff for their achievement.  

Day Picnics & Special Meals:

 MPPL organises a day picnic for all the departments that includes employees at each level. This is one of the best events organized by MPPL.  Day picnics are at least held thrice a year for its Employees. MPPL provides a very special meal once a month along with the tasty sweet deserts; this is a day where every employee including the team leaders have their lunch and dinner together.

Celebrating Festivals as a team:

MPPL celebrates few of the festivals that include Diwali (The light festival) & Holi (The festival of Colors) with their employees. Special arrangements including special meals are provided for every employee on this festive event. This is one of the greatest occasions where MPPL's employees come together to celebrate the festivals as a team.

There are various other activities that are organized by MPPL's management that helps its employees to reduce the stress level and feel great, positive and inspired about their work and the workplace.

This is what makes MPPL a fun place to work!!!

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